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hello there xu

My name is Xu, and I am a bilingual first generation Asian American actress/writer/comedian. (Whew. What a mouthful.)


I came up through Chicago improv, where I studied at The Annoyance, iO - where I was placed on two Harold teams (RIP), and Second City - where I was a 2019 Second City & NBC Bob Curry Fellow. I've performed across the country, and my writing can be found in Points in Case, Belladonnas, Flexx Mag and more. I'm currently a managing editor at The Belladonnas, and the managing editor at


I used to be a tech consultant, before I realized my true passion of standing up on stage, walking from end to end. 



Comedian. Actress. Writer.  (Not always in that order.)

Pronounced "shoe" or maybe "shoo." Not "zoo." That's just weird.

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